Because I thought it might scare you
To see me under the ice
Make you remember you cared for me
What would you do if I died?
Would you fly out for my funeral?
Get too drunk at my wake?
Would you make a scene then?
Climb in and try to resuscitate me?

I was on the ice and I was underwater
I was getting pulled out, I was in my wet clothes
Stumble on the walk back, someone stoked the fire at camp
I was by the flames trying to get my body warm
I was standing naked checking to see if my phone still worked

I will cut my hair short
Trust me, I will
I will let my beard go
Trust me, I will
I will never tempt fate
Not once, I swear
I will never trust ice
I will never trust a thing


First Reactions After Falling Through The Ice by La Dispute (via loveladispute)

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"Tell me what your worst fears are. I bet they look a lot like mine. Tell me what you think about when you can’t fall asleep at night. Tell me that you’re struggling. Tell me that you’re scared. No, Tell me that you’re terrified of life. Tell me that it’s difficult to not think of death sometimes. Tell me how you lost. Tell me how he left. Tell me how she left. Tell me how you lost everything that you had. Tell me that it ain’t ever coming back. Tell me about God. Tell me about love. Tell me that it’s all of the above. Say you think of everything in fear. I bet you’re not the only one does."

La Dispute (via loveladispute)

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