So, I’m really happy and I feel like I have every right to be. I feel like the world should stop trying to push me into the hole I’ve lived in for so long and let me be happy. I have a person that I love so much and I’m happy. I’m happy.
I’ve fought and still fight depression for 6+ years of my life and I’m happy.
I’m happy because I’m not so insecure. Maybe a little here and there, but I feel beautiful.
I’m happy because for once I get encouraging words instead of words that cut me down and belittle me.
I’m happy because I feel loved by the people around me.
I’m sad though, because it took me all this time to realize I didn’t need a lot of people around to pretend to like me, all I needed was a couple people who truly like me.
I’m happy because I haven’t cut myself in 6 months because of you.
I’m happy because you make me happy.
So, pretty much, the people in this world that are standing in the way of my happiness by being the reason I have to hide it can go fuck themselves. I finally don’t feel like in shrouded in depression and sadness and I am going to boast and sing and yell and scream about it because my friends, family and life are my business and I will do with them what I please. I am powerful, I am happy, I am me. And I’m comfortable with that.

And that ends this rant.